Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post travel troubles

 I have been meaning to write about this adventure for a while, but due to its magnitude, felt it better to hold on till everything stabilized. So here's the story

Sophia had a cough before we went to Romania. We had the dose of Prospan, which we gave periodically to her. But as the air in the cabin was dry, the cough augmented. Gabi took a look at Sophia when we were in Buzau and declared that she didnt have anything major, so just continue the Prospan.

Two days later, she was coughing harder. At that point, Gabi prescribed antibiotics to be on the safe side. We ignored the antibiotics because they are seldom given for light cough.

Then we went to Pietra Neamt. Sophia's cough improved. Anjali, in the meantime, caught a cold. I assumed that Anjali got the cold from Sophia and since it was probably the same germs, Sophia already had antibodies against them. So I was not very careful to minimize contact.

In the middle of all of this, husband caught a stomach bug from some restaurant and annoyed bunica by declaring that he would turn vegetarian as his body was not used to all the meat floating around.

A few days after we returned to Buzau, Sophia got a temperature. We decided to begin the antibiotics. It was a cycle of 9pm, 3am, 9pm, 3am, when husband and I had to get up in the middle of the night with an alarm to give the antibiotics.

When the dose of antibiotics finished, it was time to leave.

The trip in the plane was good. both kids slept through the amsterdam to Singapore stretch, which meant that they woke up at 3pm (Singapore time). That spelt good in the short term (no trouble in the flight), but not good for the long term - they were both seriously jetlagged.

But when all was said and done, Saturday night was not so bad. We had planned the incubation period well. Anjali got whicked away by thattha and patti for an overnight. The plan was that she would stay the night, then attend a housewarming reception, and come to IEP class.

Both kids, hwoever, had a synchronized jetlag. Both slept at around 11pm, woke up at 2.30 and payed till 4am, before sleeping again till 11 or so in the morning.

We then went for IEP at 2pm.

Anjali first barfed at the end of IEP class. We thought it was a one of reaction to something she might have eaten on the plane or at the party.

She came back and asked for chocolate, which, against patti's better judgement, I gave her.

She threw it up in the taxi, whereupon I called home and asked Yema to make some clear soup.

Before we reached home, she threw up yet again.

At home, she drank a few spoons of soup. Ten minutes later, barf.

When this happened a couple more times, we decided to take her to the doctor. he gave a couple of medicines and warned that should it continue to the point that she cant keep in water, we should take her to the hospital.

We got home, patti stayed over while thattha went home.

Anjali slept too, but at 11.45, she woke up. The night barfs began then, and they were really scary. When they didnt stop by 2.30, husband and I packed Anjali up to emergency.

Thank god for grandparents and taxis.

The doctor at the emergency put her on medicine and hydrating fluid - "I dont want a Ooshi, I want to drink medicine with a spoon"

We then stayed about four hours in the hospital, with Anjali being thouroughly entertained. She found a Eeyore toy, who she adopted, changed its diapers and tried to rock it to sleep (while we were wishing that she would sleep). All the while, she was drinking "stone juice" - which we coined up after husband explained to her that there were minerals in the juice.  

We got home at 6am on Monday morning, Anjali having crashed in the taxi on the way back.

One week later and we were still having occassional barfs - reaction to accidental combinations of fruit and milk/ yogurt and milk. But she drank five tons of milo at IEP camp, and her system seems to have stabilized. Have been barf free for about four days.

Sophia got her second rotavirus dosage at the Pediatrician this morning. He winced visibly at the idea of antibiotics.

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