Thursday, July 2, 2009

what happened yesterday

Husband took Sophia for a walk. We had decided that she would probably need to feed in an hour or so, so go for a walk.

I the meantime, Anjali and I had taken a tray of colored rice, this week's unplugged idea. Two days ago, we had  tkaen rice and added coloring to it. There was red, and orange coloring on the rice. Anjali had a good time squeezing the plastic bag until the colors got mixed. Then I tore a hole at the side of the bag and asked her to squeeze the wet rice out. We then chucked it in the oven.

I left itt a bit too long and some of the rice began to go black. So what we ended up with was red and black colored rice.

Yesterday evening, we took the rice out to the playground, along with some flour paste glue, brushes, markers and drawing paper. drew our designs - mine was a flower, Anjali's was constantly mutating - from a flower to a picture of patti to a stove to something that finally looked like a duck to me (I'll put up a picture sometime this week). We spread glue on our designs, poured rice over them, embellished our designs with grass and such. Sara, another young girl came to the playground and also did a piece of art.

After that, Anjali went to play in the playground with Periyakaruppan, we did ring a ring of roses, chase and catch, the kids played slide down in a tunnel and a few other games.

Someone cried.

very loudly.

I looked up. husband was walking very fast with Sophia in the carrier. She was bawling at the top of her voice, eyes full of tears.

What happened? Is she hungry?

I picked her up from the carrier.

She stopped crying. i tried to feed her. She didnt feed. Just looked at me.


"I took a taxi because she was crying so loudly. It cost me six dollars"

"Where were you?"

"Just beyond the swimming pool."

"Peak hour?"


So we danced and she was laughing in thirty seconds. Husband was extremely miffed.

He left Sophia with me and took Anjali after Jackie lol lol.

Then Anjali was playing very well with Jenny in the playground that she didnt want to come up. So I took Sophia up annd tried to make her sleep.

Nothing doing. The imp is content to sit on the bed and talk, she cries when I leave her to go to the kitchen for longer then 10 seconds. When she is in a mood, she crawls backward and ends up getting off the edge of the bed. There she either stands, holding the edge for a few seconds before plopping on her knees, or cries to be picked up. I think her edge detection mechanism is getting nicely in place.

Anjali came back from the playground, washed up and had noodles. While feeding Anjali noodles, I played hide and seek with Sophia by putting my skirt on her. She loved it, bursting into giggles whiel i put the cloth over her face and taking it out. If I stopped, she would call and if I didnt respond after a few calls, she would cry.  

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