Monday, June 22, 2009

TV is a lousy idea

It usually comes to the fact that when I am relaxed, I end up pumping milk better. Now, in gerenal, I wind down in one of two ways. I either plonk down in front of the TV, or I plonk down with a good book. I notice that the milk supply depletes when I plonk down in front of the Tv but increases when I plonk down with a book.

I wonder if that is sufficient for a thesis.

On the topic of books, i have been reading the conch bearer, by Chitra Divakaruni, and it does get into one of the books that i would like the kids to read when they grow up. That brings the list of books to Harry Potter, Narnia, LOTR (but not until she is much bigger), Pullmann, Snickett (just the first couple of books though) and brotherhood of the conch.

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