Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A friend?

On Bukit Timah, husband and I were talking about the rock path. Husband wanted to take it climbing up and I wanted to go back by the main road because it was getting dark.

"Its too dangerous" I was saying

"No it is not. trekking in Singapore is not dangerous"

"You twisted your leg on the rock path once"

"Dont take advantage of my lousy memory and make me remember things that never happened"

"Its true. You were helping Pranav up the hill and twisted your leg. You were limping for two days after that"

Anjali, who was quietly sipping water sitting in the bench next to me said

"That is my friend"

We turned to her.

"What is that?"

"That is my friend"

We looked around. The place was deserted. Then we rewinded.

Pranav. Right. That was a kid in her class.


Yesterday, husband was coming back home.

"Ask a iddle. You go oushide, chose the door and ask a iddle"

"Ok. Anjali, have you been to school today?"


"What is the name of your friend at school?"


Now, should I investigate this? For very long, she has been repeating the names of her friends in school that we have mentioned to her - Dhanush, Ashna, Cheryl, Kiran blah blah

Now, its just one name, and out of the list we have been teaching her. The teachers pair the kids to wash hands. Maybe she pairs with Pranav. I should investigate.

Or maybe they play together in school. Anjali usually doesnt play with other kids. She is interested in Prabha and Nitin and the other kids in the playground, but I wouldnt go so far as to call them her friends... as she is still parallel playing, with just a bit of interaction....

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