Thursday, May 14, 2009


The most important update: As of last Friday, Anjali is toilet trained. Her diapers are clean, she gives a "pipi vayuthu" warning and runs to the bathroom. When we are outside, she gives the warning, and waits for us to take her to the washroom. The diaper is just a security underwear for now.

These days, she has two favorite questions "what is this?" and "----- enge?"

"Lets go on the travellator"

"travellator enge" (for the next five minutes)

"Anjali, dont go near the stove, its hot"

"near the stove"

"Its hot. I have given you fair warning"

"Fair warning enge??"

After I explained to her what fair warning meant, she was somewhat satisfied.

But a few days later, i was making noodles for her on the stove.

"Mummy, Anniya baby sit up"

"Ok. wait a minute"

"no sit near stove."


"Because.. fair warning!!"

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