Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anjali's math

I am a very proud mother today. Why?

Well, we saw two sparrows when we were walking to the busstop (Husband and Anjali walk me to the busstop everyday to say bye bye mummy)

So I say,

"Anjali, how many sparrows are on the grass?"

"One spaiow, two spaiows... mummy, two spaiows"

"Ok... Now, if one sparrow flies away, how many sparrows will there be?"

"One sparrow only."

"Very good" (Already I was extremely proud, but wanted to try one more thing)

"Ok, now, if both sparrows fly away, how many sparrows will be there?"

She didnt blink an eyelid.

"No more sparrows!"

I grew two centimeters today

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