Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anjali's imagination

We are always astounded by Anjali's imagination. Yesterday, we were reading Good Night moon. This is the first time Anjali is reading the book. While we reached the bit about the three bears sitting on chairs, she said

"mum mum?"

"What mum mum?"

"for the bears"

"What will they eat?"

"Idli mum mum"

"Ok.. after eating mum mum, where will they go?"


"Then who will come?"

"Santa Claus"

"What will Santa do?"

"Aie Aie" (Anjali had just finished her business before that)


"Potty le"


"Because Santa Claus cant go in the toilet".


Later at night, I wondered if I could get her to repeat the story for husband. So after Sophia slept, I began with her again.

"Anjali, what were the bears doing on the chair?"

"Goldilocks came"

"What did Goldilocks do?"

"Sit down, mummy chair baby chair"

"Then what happened?"

"Broke it chair."

"What did Goldilocks do when the chair broke?"

"uhu uhu" (That is Anjali's crying)


"Because Broke it chair cant sit anymore."

"Then what happened?"

"Bears came back"

"Did they find Goldilocks?"



"Bathroom le"

"What was Goldilocks doing in the bathroom?"

"Pi Pi"

"In the potty or in the toilet?"

"In the toilet"

"Then what happened?"

"Scared of Goldilocks"

"Who was scared of Golidlocks?"


"So what did they do?"

"Play with Goldilocks."

She also has a fantastic memory. I got her a Clifford book from the library. She sees it and then says

"Mummy, no no this book. Other Clifford book"

"What other Clifford book?"

"Soft Clifford book."

Then it dawned on me that two months ago, I got a touch and feel Clifford book for her from the library. I didnt know that she was interested in it. She only read it a couple of times. But she still remembers it very well.

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