Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anjali & Sophia: New games and routines

These days, game exploration is growing fast. I have to work hard to catch up. My usual day routine (weekday) goes like this.

Wake up around 5.30, pump milk for Sophia
6.00 am, enjoy the relative peace around the house
6.15am: arrange Sophia's dot cards
6.30am: take a shower, get ready for work, come out and work on a game/ activity for Anjali
7.00am: Sophia wakes up. (thats first light), feed and do one set of numbers
Between 7.15 to 7.30am: Anjali wakes up, do a lot of dancing cuddling and feeding, and perhaps a bit of exercises
7.45am: leave for work
9am: Anjali goes to school
Somewhere between now and 11am, Patti gives Sophia a bath
11am: Anjali comes back from school, has paruppu sadam and then does pretend play with patti. Patti is really good with pretend play, I dont have that much patience. Anjali and patti can spend hours giving booba to baby doll, sending the children to school, expressing booba milk and putting in the fridge (The imp grabs a bottle, lifts her shirt and says that she is expressing milk.)
2pm: return from office (with luck, one or both girls are just beginning to nap)
Have lunch and take some rest until around 4pm. If Sophia is up, then we usually squeeze a number session somewhere in the middle.
Around 4.30 or so, Anjali's learning time gets started. This is anywhere between 190 minutes to an hour, depending on the activities. They vary between math, cards, reading, coloring, pasting, claying, painting, jelly play etc. Atleast once or twice a week, I take her to the kitchen to help me cook. Usually it is baking. She is extremely good at whisking the cake ingredients, putting cinnamon and such stuff.

Husband comes home at about 6.30. We try to have dinner before that so that we can get the children to the playground early. Anjali usually spends somewhere between half an hour to one hour in the playground, and then we get back home between 8.30 and 9. Thats the time that Sophia must be in bed, or else the house will shake. So we put her in bed, And Anjali often helps me to clean Sophia up. The kid (Sophia) loves having warm water sponged on her. If Anjali over does it with the sponge, then I give her one of her other dolls to sponge.

With luck, one of the kids (possibly Sophia) will be asleep by 9.30. After Sophia's bedtime, Anjali likes to spend time with us. She has gotten to be really understanding in that count, that I need to spend a good fifteen minutes to half an hour lying down with Sophia. So she closes the bedroom door and plays with husband during this time. After that, we do some simple stuff - puzzles, maybe a bit of coloring, some reading, or, on some days, a late night cooking, until she is ready to go to bed.

The thing is that by the time Anjali goes to bed, I am really pooped that I dont do anything else but sleep.

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