Monday, April 6, 2009

Things that happened on Anjali's birthday: Wishes from Patel uncle

Singapore Saturday 4th April 2009

Dear Anjali

Happy birthday to you, we are all very happy for more than one reason, do you know, you are born on the day when exactly 100 years back Sri Aurobindo arrived in Pondicherry.

In the Ashram there is a big celebrations , inaugurates to day also in India and other places this celebration will continue to be spread out through out one year.

So is it not the joyous day when the Mother planned out for you to be born on 4th April.

One more personal joy for us is that our great grand daughter SAHANA, the daughter of Jasmine and Samir who was born on Deepavali day last year has been staying in her maternal grand mother's house.

Today she will be moving to her parent's house at 5 Sri Aurobindo Street, she will be wearing a dress made from the Saree the Mother had worn.

I am also thinking that those who have two daughters are great: May be the Obama family, or George Bush family or Ashok -Bhakti family or Curic family !

Now let us all join and wish you a very happy birthday and we shall read a prayer the Mother had written on 4th April in 1914:

April 4, 1914

O Lord, my adoration rises ardently to Thee, all my being is an aspiration, a flame consecrated to Thee.

Lord, Lord, my sweet Master, it is Thou who livest and willest in me!

This body is Thy instrument; this will is Thy servant; this intelligence is Thy tool; and the whole being is only Thyself.


Grandpa Uncle Patel

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