Monday, December 15, 2008

cheese cloths, no no anniya and other stuff

At home, we use old veshti cloths for a lot of things, from putting babies head on them for small babies, to filtering whey when making cheese.

I hadnt made Cheese for a while, not since returning from Romania, because there was so much cheese around the house. But, on saturday, i wanted to make mamaliga, and as it goes well with homemade cheese, I made some up fresh on friday. Anjali was watching me wtrain of the whey using a veshti cloth.

She pointed to it.

"Pattiya idi!"


And then it dawned on me, that patti probably uses the same kind of cloth to make idlis.

Just got it confirmed with patti.

Today was the first time that Anjali said rain.

"Anjali, what is falling from the sky?"

"Apa!" said husband, enthusiastically

"ain!" said Anjali




Anjali says some 10 new words a day. And watching her say them is very cute.

"Anjali, where patti and thattha will go after you go acasa?"

"'mu gan sthoes" (Murugan stores)

"Anjali, Paramagama"

"Pattathiye, teeya!"

"What do you want to see on teeya?"

Anjali puts her leg on her head

"Whats the name of the song?"


As she grows, she gets more bossy, and expresses her wishes very well too. Its common for us to hear things like

Daddy shiere (sit here)

Daddy Daddy change

Daddy new shirt

Teddy bear diapers (when Anjali doesnot want to wear diapers)

Baby Okka (while asking a baby on the street to sit down with her)

Baby daddy caiie (baby's daddy is carrying her)

Anniya daddy caiie (Anjali's daddy carry her)

"No No Anniya" is still the most popular phrase, that is used whenever we attempt to help her with anything whatsoever. from putting on her shoes, to taking off her pants, to taking off her diaper to opening the bathroom door. She gets terribly frustrated if she cant do it, but will still not accept help from us. Butt if we encourage her by saying that she can do it, she kind of laughs through her tears of frustration and tries hard. So I guess thats the way to go, even if it means waiting ten minutes in front of the front door for the imp to put on her shoes.

Anjali, do you want to watch Auckland on Tv?

"Auka Auka!"

We turn on the tv and as  all the stuff with Anjali is burnt into one dvd, the first video is of her doing shuffling when she was a baby.

"no no!"

We hit skip track

"no no"

And finally we end up at the Aukland track.

"Pia Pia!!"

Ok, hit fastforward until we reach Piha.

Piha gets finished and a small segment with Anjali mopping the floor comes on.

"No No! Geesher"

Ok, fastforward again until the geyser comes on.

"Apa shot"  (Apa hot)


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