Monday, April 14, 2008

The complete and unabridged (and ever developing) guide to communicating with little gremlins

Apa: water
Papa: photo
Apple: apple
mum mum: food
amma: mummy
appa: daddy
thattha: thattha
um (short, brisk): what is this?
uuummmm (long, musical): Quick, you are not doing it fast enough
ummmmmmm (long, annoyed): I am annoyed and bored, get me out of here soon
umm (holding your hand): sing, I want to dance
ummmm (forceful, still holding your hand): wrong song, dont you even know which song to sing
gmmm (contented, smiling): ok, right song.
umm (pointing to clock/ nursery book and dancing): sing hickory dickory
umm (pointing to granma's pants and waving): i want to go tata
umm (pointing to bathroom, sippy cup): I want to spill water all over the place, get a change of clothes ready.


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  1. Vishnu had been searching the blog yesterday evening to get a peek of Anjali's new hairdo... do post one soon :)


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