Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The little picasso

The first time I put paints in front of Anjali she tried to eat the paste

And got upset when i knocked her hand away.

Of course, I cant blame her, she always gets stuff to eat on a plate, and we didnt have a palatte and had to make do with a plastic plate.

This is the second time. Of course, it was just two hours later, and she is still not taking to them as well as she took to the piano, but hey, we parents have to understand that if our daughter is a child prodigy in musical talent, she cant possibly be a child prodigy in art as well...

Can we?

She types stuff on microsoft word pretty well though, and knows how to do tricks with the keyboard (like increasing the browser size). Seriously! I have been using a computer for 15 years and I cant increase the browser size without a mouse.

Anyway the art session was cute and mess inducing and and we are really fond of messes. At least all the baby books say that kids learn a lot from making messes and husband and I like to see Anjali enjoying herself, even if it means a bit of extra cleanup (And usually when Anjali is finished with the mess making stuff, she is tired and cranky and I have to take her to calm her down, so husband's the one who does the cleaning, so I encourage messes, no problem)

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