Monday, January 21, 2008

More tantrums

Friday Night: After the playground episode

Mummy: Lets go back to granma's house, wash her up and then take her home

(Anjali has run, walked, crawled, rolled, climbed and done all possible gymnastics in the playground)

At the elevator lobby, mummy suddenly finds a little pinkie inching its way towards a little mouth. Now Anjali does not eat her fingers too much (she is more interested in eating what her fingers can hold on to). So mummy knocks the finger off the mouth, because mummy is genuinely alarmed about the dirt in the playground going into the little mouth.

Waaaaaa Waaaa

Lift reaches granma's floor

Husband: Now your granma and granpa are going to think we are ill treating you

Waaa Waaa Waaa

Granma (alarmed, opens the door), has heard Anjali screaming from the elevator lobby

Anjali (sees granma makes arms to her) then in one long fake fluid tune: waaaaaaaaaaaa

And later....

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