Monday, January 7, 2008

I might just be in for this if I am not careful

Here is an article I read at Motherhood's not for wimps. You got to hand it to Elizabeth, she can spin a horror story into something laughable.

I keep dropping hints to husband to buy me her book, but he keeps ignoring all the hints point blank. I guess he has enough drama at home to want more in the books he reads.. so he reads fairy tales like how the fairy made a mistake and made gems drop out of a girl's mouth.

Well, Anjali is still at the eating hair stage, and it will be a while before she can uncap a bottle of medicine and drink it, but knowing her, I bet it wont be that long. A few days ago I received a report from granma that she somehow managed to lift the teacup (it was stainless steel, not porcelain, thankfully), and drink tea from it. I suppose she saw granma drinking tea from the teacup and thought she might have a try too.

Well, there were only dregs in that cup, but still...

Yesterday, I was cooking and husband, feeling sore after his dental works, left Anjali in the floor of the kitchen, too tired to run after her until his shirt was full of sweat. Father and daughter plopped down on the kitchen floor. And what were they doing?

Eating cabbages that had dropped on the floor from the chopping.

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