Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How work and cooking get done

This is a copy of an emailt o Akila

Ha :) It depends on what you classify as work, Anjali sleeps around 9.30, and we usually sleep between 11 and 12. When Anjali is awake, Adi does the noisy stuff - vacuming etc, while I hold her. And we also have to do things like running the mixie, cooker etc, because she gets scared of these noises when she is sleeping. After 10pm is the time for mopping, ironing and such things that you dont make noise with.

I also do a lot of baking, especially vegetables, because I can just toss them whole into the oven and set the oven for about 40 minutes while they get done and play with Anjali during this time. Got a lot of recipes from my mil about how to cook veggies in the oven and how to preserve them to toss into the fridge for use for about 2 or three days. (In Romania you get good veggies in summer but very expensive not good veggies in the winter, so she preserves her vegetables during the summer time and my fil puts them in sterilized bottles for use during winter. They do stews, jams, juices etc)

So the baking gets done during the evening when Anjali is awake, and when she is sleeping, I put together the food and put in the fridge. Some of the recipes are for cold food - cooked salads, pastas etc. Others can be warmed in the microwave, like soup. So only for Anjali I have to cook fresh everyday and that too in the weekend only, cos my mom cooks for her in the weekdays. Its important to schedule such that not more than one thing is dont everyday, because otherwise it will get to be too much.

Adi helps in a lot of things - vacuuming, laundry (drying and folding) etc. For me, I just do the mopping, ironing and cooking, so it is not so bad. Once a couple of weeks we have a cleaning woman come in to help with the sweeping and mopping to clean the corners that we have missed out. But otherwise it is ok.

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