Friday, January 25, 2008

granma's trials

Granma called this afternoon.

I cant leave your daughter on the floor and get my lunch. She does not want to sit by herself and cries, even if I tell her that I will be back in two seconds.

The stubbornness is going up. Husband says that Anjal has developed a character over the past couple of weeks. I agree. She has developed her own unique sweetness, laughter, interaction. She has also developed stubbornness and a neat algorithm of fake crying to get what she wants. A very ooptimized algorithm it is too. if we put it into a system, we would make a lot of money, it has the ability to persuade someone to give it exactly what it wants.

So the bottomline was that granma had to wait for a long while to cut a brinjal. "it has been washing in water for the past half an hour". And finally granma had her lunch by putting a bunch of macaroni on a plate, with some yogurt, letting Anjali have her free reign with the plate and the macaroni, and then sitting in front of her eating.

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