Thursday, December 13, 2007

The museum phenomenon

Anjali exhibits what husband and i call the museum phenomenon.

We first noticed it when we took Anjali to visit the new Buddha temple museum in Singapore. The whole duration of our visit, she was blabbing very excitedly. At first, we thought it was a single event.

But a few weeks later, we took her to the art museum. Again, upon entering the gallery, she started blabbing very excitedly.

Last weekend, we took her to the Islamic arts museum in Kualalumpur. The same phenomenon was observed. Not just blabbing and joyous excitement, but Anjali actually did something very wonderful.

We observed a carving on the ceiling of the museum (see below). All of us jsut remarked that it looked nice and went on. Anjali, on the other hand, from her father's arms, stared very fixatedly at the dome.

It was not just the museums. She was very excited by the birds in Bali, the woodcarver's gallery, the souvenir shop with Indian handicrafts at the base of Batu caves. etc.

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