Friday, December 28, 2007

A correspondence with Sandhya

I wrote a letter to Sandhya this morning in response to her spy report about patti planning to buy Anjali a dress (husband and I are organizing a "Dont buy Anjali any new dresses" campaign for the following reasons):

oh ooh (about patti). Tell her that Anjali has three pattu pavadais, two traditional romanian dresses (show atached photos if necessary) three princess frocks, including the one that chitthi got for her, about 10 to 15 normal frocks (that she wears when going outside), about 10 rompers (also for outside) and about 20 t shirts for home (which are bought so that they can slip on her head with minimal effort).

Tell patti also that if I try to put frocks on her, especially those with long sleeves etc, she makes a big racket. The the traditional Romanian dress that she is wearing for Christmas, by the time we got it on her, it was bedlam and everyone had to dance to stop her from wiggling.

Ordinarily before putting on a dress on Anjali you have to hold her hands very tight, because otherwise, once the dress is over her head she will take it off her head before the hands can go in.

So all in all, it is not a very good idea to buy Anjali a dress unless it is very easy to put on, has very little cloth and prefarably leaves her bottom bare to pee.

try convincing patti.

If not I will talk to her.

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