Thursday, November 15, 2007

We can sit!!

Our first sitting experience on a restaurant high chair

Our second sitting experience on a restaurant high chair. See.. its only three days and we are already very good
This restaurant didnt have a high chair, but we are doing pretty well in a big person's chair, arent we?

Well, with out support we can sit, and we can do vajrasan by ourselves, though we must put out hand on the ground for balance. Dont we look cute??

Mummy and daddy say that we learn fast, because the first time we did this, it was at the doctor's a week ago, and after that we learnt to do it very fast and in two days, we were sitting up by ourselvs and crawling from sitting and everything.

And we can stand up too. Some one has to hold us under the arms so that we dont fall, but we really like to stand, jump and dance.

Daddy, you need to hold me while I am standing, no need to hold me when I am sitting, i can manage quite well by myself!! :)

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