Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Poor Granma and Granpa Curic

I went back yesterday afternoon and today afternoon to find Granma and Granpa Curic totally frazzled. Husband didnt believe me, "My dad can go shopping while my mom can take care of Anjali". "They can take Anjali out by themselves." "You make it sound like Anjali is a time bomb".

No she is not a time bomb. She is a cute little girl, but someone has to be confident about handling her. Granma is very confident, as is husband. I am learning slowly, and remember what it felt to be frazzled when the maid came to clean, and husband had gone to the market for eggs and Anjali, then one month, began crying at the top of her voice for her milk, refusing to drink from me the bottle that I offered her, prefering instead the breast she was used to. I had her a little under control when husband came (though had he been at home, she would have never gotten out of control in the first place, the bag of tricks always keeps quiet in her father's arms).

Granma and granpa Curic are not yet very confident. Yesterday, both of them were staying by Anjali's side, doing nothing but trying to keep her from crying, as I tried to monitor the situation on remote from the office. If it hadnt been so sad, it would have been extremely funny - two old people turned around the little finger of a seven month old.

"What did you do the whole day?" I asked when I returned home in the evening.

"Nothing at all" replied Granma Curic. "One of stayed by her stroller pushing it back and forth to make her sleep while the other went to the toilet and vice versa".

Like I said, it would be extremely funny, if it werent so sad.

Granma Curic has no time to cook lunch or do anything besides. She is afraid of how Anjali would react to receiving a bath from her, and so doesnt give her a bath (before you come to the conclusion that we let Anjali without a bath, let me clarify that I go home for lunch and give her a bath then, complete with the oil massage that she is used to - the little princess!!).

It should get better with time, but yesterday was grueling

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