Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anjali's flight adventure

She look's happy at the airport and in the flight, doesnt she (she slept during take off to Bali), woke up in 10 minutes, then started to play until we reached the villa, where she showed her delight by looking and exclaiming at everything. She finally slept at around midnight.

I only wished I could say the same thing about the return trip. Anjali was tired and it was past her bed time. Worse, there was another baby just across the aisle and both babies took it in turn to wake up the whole plane. She must have been the first baby to sleep naked in a plane. Cute, but I was very afraid that she might pee on the plane, or on the taxi on the way back.
She didnt pee though, although the poor thing woke up and kept crying with her eyes closed. Four days of continuous travel took its toll on Anjali, and understandably. We are all still very astonished at how much she enjoyed the trip, and showed very little signs of tiredness, until the fight at the very end.

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