Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Anjali's bird park adventure

"lets take Anjali to the zoo", said husband, one fine morning, actually calling me at the office (which happens about once a year).

"The zoo", I said, "whatever for?"

"She'll be very interested in the animals."

"But the zoo smells of elephant droppings. And the animals will be mostly asleep."

In the end, we decided to take her to the birdpark. Since the import of Granma and Granpa curic from Romania was close by, we decided to wait a little and take them as well.

Anjali was pretty tired at the beginning of the trip itself, as the day before, she had taken a very long walk to the mall and to babble town. And the day before that, she had been on the mrt and to the airport.

However, tired as she was, the adventurer in her was stronger and she was fascinated by the birds. She kept looking at them flying back and forth. She was very interested in the shows and everything.

Well a video explains better what words may fail. See how the girl is trying to take everything in even though she obviously looks exhausted.

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