Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Navaratri time!!!

Anjali at the temple during Navaratri. I wish I could say that she enjoyed herself a lot, but actually she got rather cranky during the programs, firstly because she was carried around so much and secondly because she got distracted by the speakers. Standing in the middle of two speakers, she was unsure where the sound came from and therefore got annoyed.

But annoyance did not stop her from making mischief, nor did it stop her from crawling to everyone eating food and grabbing their plates, and making a big ruckus when she discovered that people actually dared to, on purpose, hold their plates such that she wont get her hands on the spicy chutneys.

Nor did it stop her from looking cute in her pattu pavadai (more photos of this later)

Or from giving presents to the children (though it did stop her, on the first day, from eating her rice and fruit.)

But Tutu's navaratri did not finish there. On Vijaya dasami, Sunday night, Anjali sat on mummy's lap in front of the altar and wrote her first letters, Om, Maa, and a few scribbles. I think she is still too young to decide whether to write with her right or left hand and she wants to play it neutral until she can make an informed choice. So she writes with her mouth.

We decided to stop when she began to write on my hand.

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