Monday, October 22, 2007

The mischief maker's mischief mounts

Anjali's mischief meter keeps increasing its scale. This afternoon I was chatting with granma while eating. Granma was sitting against the kitchen sink holding Anjali on her shoulder. I look up and gave a squeal. Anjali had successfully opened the kitchen cupboard (where all the frying pans are kept) and was happily peeking into it.

She did it on purpose too. Because after we took her hand out of the handle, she put it back there again and opened the door again.

And now she flips on her belly while drinking milk. She used to do it off and on, but now it has become a real habit with her. This afternoon, the little bag of tricks latched herself, flipped on her belly, then tried to crawl, all while still being attached to the breast. Finally I had to pick her up and give her her milk, whereupon every thirthy seconds she stopped drinking, looked at me with a look of dawning wonder and expectation, kept staring at me till i kissed her nosey and then went back to her milk. Bundle of tricks. Guess she wasnt really hungry and just wanted to play.

Daddy's new name for her, Little octopushie. She wiggles so much that it is hard to believe that she's only got two legs. When I give her a bath, she almost always puts her leg over the edgs of the bathtub. Tried to get husband to take a video of her bathtime gymnastics, but he says it is too indecent for the blog.

same goes for her breastfeeding gymnastics I guess, so I got to contend with describing them. Well, husband has gone all prude now that he is a daddy,

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