Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Favotire photos part 2

This post is full of favorite photos, again, in no particular or chronological order.

In spite of my earlier post to the contrary, Anjali is quite fond of her rocking chair. Afterall, she chose it on her trip to Toys R US.

I like this photo for the baby wearing effect, and Anjali almost always sleeps when I wear her like this, so she must like it too

This is when Anjali was three months old, and we put her often on her belly after her massage. See what big eyes she has...

Again, when she was three months old, on dialogue with daddy

One of the first times that she ate her feet, at four months.. This is a milestone moment as well as one of my favorite photos.

Anjali's first trip at the swimming pool, an illustration of how my little girl faces new situations with a smile and full of courage.

This is husband's favorite picture, again, Anjali is smiling. If I am not wrong, this picture was taken on the same day as her first swim, the same day as the previous picture.
Just around three months when Anjali turned to her side and tried to roll over on her belly. This was my favorite picture for a very long time because of how big her eyes are.
Taken on the same day as the previous picture, Anjali's face is full of expression.

Anjali's first center walk, when she was four months old in August. Her experience in the walk even came out in the review that Jaishree aunty wrote about her.

Taken on the same weekend as Anjali's first center walk, this shows her acting cute when she wore her green dress for the first time to a wedding reception.

At just past 6 months and playing with her windmill, she turned around at the click of the camera. She looked so cute staring at the camera that I just had to take this picture.

This is before her 6th month birthday, having successfully wrestled her milk bottle from granma's hand she proceeds to drink her milk all by herself. Taken just last weekend when Anjali is just over six months old. Again, I like this picture for the babywearing factor.

At a month old, this photo was also my favorite for a long time, mainly because Anjali is on her belly, and also because this is the first time that I put her on her belly.

Close contenders to the favorite photo prize at one time were these two pictures, with Anjali and granpa when Anjali was three months old. Everyone said that the pictures looked as beautiful as black and white photos. I should try entering one of them for a contest.

This photo came out of a series of clicks. When Anjali was three months old. Before she turned on her side, before she rolled on her belly. before she began eating her legs.
One of the first pictures of Anjali when she turned on her belly. My grandfather wanted a copy of it. She looks like a celluloid doll, he told me on the phone.

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