Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Favorite photos part 1

While everything Anjali does is beautiful to our eyes, once in a while we get a totally genius photo.
The definition of genius changes over time, but here are the photos, marked according to how old tutu was when the picture was taken

Around two weeks, posing asleep on granma's shoulder
Less then a month, daddy is burping her
Looking blase on her stroller at just around 3 months

Just around 3 months, looking at granma's face when bathing
Just past a month old, one of Anjali's first smiles
Again, just past a month old, this is one of my favorite times with Anjali, as granma was having a class in the living room and me and tutu were singing songs and laughing for over an hour

Anjali laughing during the singing session described in the previous photo. This is one of her first laughs

Adi took this picture of her sleeping, as , like he said, she looks so beautiful. She is about 2 months old

At just over a week old, and already very cheeky. You can see that even her umbilical cord has not gone in

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