Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An evening out

Last Sunday Husband and I decided to bring Anjali out for the evening. We decided on the new Buddhist temple -very pretty place with a relic of Buddha's tooth on the 4th floor.

By 5 pm, we packed Idli baby in her carrier, a backpack with diapers and took the train. There began our adventure. Tutu got very interested in a bright dressed lady sitting next to me and kept going for her dress. (Guess she thought it looked very edible).

Then we took her along the shopping street in Chinatown. First thing the tutu did was to reach out for all the glitzy stuff - keychains and beaded jewellery.

A nip into the Mariamman temple (by this time she was too sleepy and got pretty annoyed by the bells after a few minutes) and then I turned her inside in the carrier and she fell asleep.
The temple was nice, with lots of Buddha statues. husband's is a buddha sitting on an elephant, mine's a fiery buddha and tutu's is a buddha on a lotus.

So here is husband's Buddha

My fiery Buddha
Tutu's meditating Buddha on a lotus
And the flying Buddha at the temple :) that woke up half way through the temple visit

The flying Buddha got sprinkled with water by the priest in the Buddha tooth room. The kid endured two sprinkles with her usual outrageous expression, but the priest (who had a sense of humor) sprayed her another time. And the poor kid started crying. The priest then carried her for a while, whereupon Tutu looked at him intently for about 30 seconds before crying again.
She must have gotten some kind of energy from the place, cos we were all talk and movement when we came home. Should try again to look for similarities.

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