Wednesday, September 12, 2007

drinking milk

It happened again during lunch today


Tutu drank milk for 3 minutes and then turned on the opposite side

Mummy: Tutu, drink your milk

Tutu: Turns on her right and puts thumb in mouth

Mummy: Tutu, please darling, drink your milk, mummy has to go back to office soon

Tutu: (With finger in mouth) ah ah nga brruu

Mummy: (stroking cheek to get attention) Tutu, nga... turn around.

Tutu: (still with finger in mouth) ah ah ah uh uh

granma: mottu, drink your milk, otherwise I'll give you bottle at 3 O clock

Tutu: uuh uhh

Mummy: Ok fine, mummy is getting up

Tutu: (drops finger, turns towards mummy and takes breast in a span of 20 seconds)


She talks to the air a lot (could be the moving fan)

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