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I am a parent, Scientist, Artist, Writer and Facilitator and this is my space for sharing all of these stories. I am redesigning this blog to make it more user friendly and less like a diary. This includes a collation of some of the art that we do at home and outside. Here is an outline of major activities that we do regularly.

Monday Madness: Monday madness is a free for all open activity that happens every Monday at 8.30 pm. The location is at Bukit Batok Street 24, at the playground near Block 290B. We explore interesting ways of creating art with materials that can be found around us and in nature. 

Public Workshops: We have recently begun facilitation at a slightly larger scale than the home and the playground. If you are interested in working with us for a collaborative art activity targetted towards children, do leave us a comment and we will get back pronto. 

Invitations to Play: Invitation to play is a well explored concept in the parenting blogosphere. I think it is the imagination tree that started this, atleast that's where I found out about this interesting approach to encouraging creativity.
What is invitation to play? In general, it is an interesting and novel combination of playing materials. it could also be, in case of lazy moms like me, old materials simply set up in a new scenario, that encourages n a novel experience. An invitation to play is, almost always, open ended, the set up is simple, and invites children to experiment.

Child Directed Play: Here are inspirational stories of how parental prompting goes completely tangential in our home and results in some very educational child directed exploration in which the children learn more than the intended goals of the lessons.

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