Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reflections and glimpses

I am posting rather irregularly since January. The blog has been an extreme comfort to me in what has been essentially a very wierd  year, in 2012. over the Christmas holidays, I told myself that I would completely shut down and simply enjoy my time with the girls. That meant that I kept my connectivity to the bare minimum, though the photo taking was not really reduced in any way. Here are some glimpses into our holiday activities

Anjali found some garden snails near the playground. She brought a couple of them home, fed and watered them and cleaned their container. We kept them for a week before releasing them - first into my balcony garden and then, when husband began to complain that the snails had begun to chew up all his trees, back into the playground.
 Ofcourse, a lot of experimenting was done with the snails - like constructing a playground for them
 And getting them to paint
 Snail trail (food color)
We went out, though not much. The Science center, the zoo, a couple of trips to the swimming pool

There was the time when we went to the Botanical garden and Anjali wanted to take Kitty Cox along. It began to rain and all of us got wet, including Kitty Cox, who, I think has not run so much in his entire life.
As if that were not enough, Anjali decided to climb the trees in the Botanical garden, aided and abetted by her partner in crime (a.k.a Husband). When they were finished, her T-shirt looked like this

They had a day out in the farm with Dheeraj and Krishaa

And Bollywood veggies is not a very good place to visit, but an excellent place to live in and explore. How I wish we had a farm.

We did a lot of in house art as well

 We finished our doll house. Wall papered and furnished
 And Anjali made a Rapunzel for it
 We made dolls for Craft hope
 Played with diaper snow
 I tried my hand at dressmaking again and made Christmas clothes for the girls
 A close up of the dress: Shirred dress with halter fasterning
 With a fabric flower fastened to ensure that the girls could distinguish their clothes
 Crystal mirrors
 And milk carton clogs

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