Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crafting Hope

I am sure I have mentioned Craft Hope in this blog before. I picked up the book at the library a few months ago and found it very inspirational. In one of those times when social media does something positive, I followed the craft Hope facebook page.

When they announced project 19, handmade stuffed toys for kids affected by Sandy, I thought that this will be a project that we could do together and the kids could learn from it.

The girls chose a simple doll to make, with minimal sewing. Much of what they did were embellishments. Anjali tends to do minimalist work, and decorated her doll with a knitted braid which she knitted herself on the knitting Nancy. Sophia used one of the braids that Anjali knitted, then used some satin and gold ribbon to embellish her doll.

Simple, but a lot of love went into them.

we kissed our dolls goodbye at the post office on new year's eve. 

 It occurred to me that Anjali was almost six and that it was her first trip to the post office and that Sophia did postmen in school during her occupations term. It was also her first trip to the post office. This compared to my childhood when the post office used to be a favorite haunt almost everyday. Dont even start me about stamp collections.

The girls got very excited about envelopes and stamps and sent the dolls on their way
Sophia asked me at night whether her doll was already on the plane. i told her that I expected so.

"I hope that my doll will make a child very happy", she said fervently.

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  1. Very sweet! Love that you included your girls in the project :)


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