Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am not very sure what triggered this invitation to play. I suspect that it was Meenakshi who visited last Saturday and said that she spent hours in Art friend looking at masks. Anjali somehow got inspired by the idea and wanted me to get her masks. So one day, I swung by art friend on my way back from work and bought three masks - two kiddy ones and one adult one.

I have to buy / make two of the same activity for Sophia regardless of whether it is too advanced for her. Meenakshi bought for the girls two sewing kits. Anjali has nearly completed her project while Sophia has barely started, but we all know that if she had bought one or bought two different activities, chaos would ensue.

But in the case of maks, both girls dug into the work
And painted their masks with enthusiasm, despite the wild colors
Here is Sophia's when the painting was finished
Here is Anjali's. I think it looks like a Kathakali mask
When all the paints were dry, we used feathers, pom poms and pipe cleaners to decorate the masks
This is mine
Here is Anjali trying on  hers. I glues some elastic at the back for the girls to wear them hands free

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