Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Day 2: Make paper chains for the tree

 The tree arrived on Saturday evening and the girls set about beginning the decorations on Sunday morning, just before the walk.

This year, in addition to the usual plastic decorations, we had a few child made and handmade decorations from last year.

The chain of hands decorated with stickers
 A paper chain from two years ago
 A hama bead car that Anjali had made last year
 Sunday evening, two of the girls' friends came over the help decorate the tree. This is what the living room looked like when they were in the midst of their work.

The children made paper chains. Sophia was the first to finish hers
 And then Vineesia and Anjali did theirs. Anjali's is still half complete

 Then the girls took their playdough and cookie cutters. Sophia wanted to hang a playdough elephant on the tree. Experimentally, I tried to microwave it. The elephant got a bit burnt but was pretty hard, so up it went on the tree
 Then Anjali made a teddy bear
 And a heart.

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