Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snowwhite's land

So I saw this super duper playscape at the magic onions which looks really awesome, and I told myself, why not make one for the girls? I cant knit for nuts, but I can crochet fairly well. I shared the idea with Anjali and asked her to help me design a fairy land that I could crochet. This is what she came up with. It was not fairy land, but a combination of fairy land and jungle and Snowwhite's land

Here are the parts of the land as Anjali described to me.

1. In the center: Snowwhite, and the Dwarf's cottage.
2. Just below snowwhite: A foreest with two deer, a tree and a giraffe, along with a cave where the dwarfs mine their precious jewels.
3. To the left, a bigger cottage where Snow white and the Prince go to talk about marriage because they are in university.
4. To the lower right hand corner: A pond with a bridge and lilies and ducks on it. And a path for the dwarfs to walk on.
5. On the top, two castles, one dark and one white, for the wicked witch and the fairy queen respectively.
6. To the right, a horse for the prince to ride when he rescues snow white because it so happens that the prince is a fairy prince.

Since I obviously havent described it as well as i could have, here is a video of the kid explaining. I must say that she does a very good job. its going to be a tall order for me to crochet the lot, I might cheat by using felt and stuff. 


  1. Haha I love it, what adult would have included giraffes in the Snow White Land, and that she and her fairy prince are at University. You have to save that plan for her when she is older. A friend of mine's mother just had her drawings for a super hero princess halloween costume which were very detailed for such a young girl I might add, transfered to fabric and made her new baby bibs using the fabric as a backing. So so sweet.

    1. I am planning to crochet the lot, though i am not sure my crocheting skills are up to it. its nice how kids imaginations soar when given a chance


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