Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday Madness: Fairy garden

Well, I had initially planned to have an open ended puppet making session with the kids, like the kind we did at home a few months ago. But at the last minute, we decided to make a fairy garden instead. Actually i offered Anjali both the choices and she went with the fairy garden one. I supported it because it was more outdoorsy.

I brought along a basket of earth, Anjali's bag of shells and a house that we had bought, and husband had assembled together with Anjali two weeks ago. The girls had then painted the house with water colors.

Let me give you a tour of the garden that the kids made

First the children landscaped the garden, put the house and the pond and then collected moss from the surrounding area to line the soil

 I really love this picture with all the hands working together.
 they added branches, leaves, sticks
 See the line of shells tarouond the pond
 And a hidden bench for the fairies to rest their feet
 Later some more children came in, bringing flowers, and when the fairy (see if you can find her) arrived, she found a perfumed outdoor bath waiting for her.


  1. Kiruthika - do it K, you need to start a playgroup of older kids. Seriously!!!! Swati

    1. sure =) but when fun becomes work, sometimes the fun goes out of it, and that's not good =). I like the facilitation when there is less pressure.

  2. This is really lovely! I love small worlds and how wonderful that the kids all worked together on this!
    Just found you through the Mom's Library Link Party :)


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