Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On houseelves and astute observations

On goblet of fire and houseelves

Anjali: Mom, Yema aunty is like a house elf
I stopped reading.
Me: What makes you say that?
Anjali: She does all the work around our house.
Me: Yes, but she gets a salary and time off
Anjali: She is a bit like a house elf
Sophia: But houseelves do magic, Yema aunty does no magic
Anjali: But wizards have houseelves and muggles have houseelves and wizards can do magic and wizard house elves can do magic. Muggles have no magic, so muggle house elves cannot do magic.

Kids are very astute in their observations, but sometimes make reaching conclusions. How do we mellow down some of the conclusions that they make? Here is another example

Me: Anjali, why did your teacher scold you?
Anjali: I dont want to talk about it, then I will feel sad
Husband: But you must tell us if you have a problem with your teacher, then we can help you if we can
Anjali: She said that i can color my octopus in pink or purple but she never said that I cannot color my octopus in blue and I chose blue and so she scolded me
She was getting increasingly upset during the sentence and her voice kept rising.
"And then I colored it purple over the blue and it looks like a nice mix of blue and purple and then she says she cant see the eyes now and I think she has coats disease and has to go for surgery"
I clamped my teeth very hard to keep from smiling and said
"Maybe she doesnt want you to use blue because she wants you to cut the octopus and put it on a blue ocean and she is worried that it wont show up?"
"But she didnt scold Tricia. Tricia colored her octopus pink and only the tentacles blue and it wont show up on blue paper also but she never scolded Tricia, she just scolded me. I think she doesnt like me, like Severus Snape doesnt like Harry Potter"

O dear!

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