Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Madness: Leaf crowns

The inspiration for this came from the imagination tree

Last Friday, when we were turn up stuffing, we collected a whole bunch of leaves that we wanted to use for the crown, but didnt really get around to doing it. As Anjali is still recovering, i didnt want anything supere messy for our art at the playground session. The leaf crowns seemed a simple, yet open ended activity.

There were five children at the playground yesterday evening, and I had some brown paper, scissors and glue. Anjali had brought along her stickers book. To her surprise, some of the other children had also brought along stickers, so the activity became one of leaves and stickers crown
This is Anjali's

I love how the children work together
The only boy in the group, modelling his crown
A last minute straggler who walked in as we were winding things up. She did a very quick one
Sophia modelling her crown and her pasta necklace in the morning.

hmm... should I do pasta / straw necklaces with the kids one day? Anjali wants a color by numbers (She did one at home and enjoyed it - perhaps a gigantic community level paint by numbers?)
Monday Madness happens at the playground at around 8.30pm every Monday. Here is the list of our previous Monday art sessions

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  1. I have seen this idea somewhere else and would love to give it a go with my children here on the farm. We certainly have enough leaves at the moment. Just popping over from Happy Family Times


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