Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Infinity dresses x 3

Remember how I blogged about making this?And how Anjali threw a tantrum and refused to let me wear it outdoors unless I made one for her?

Well I did. And another for Sophia.
the infinity dress, there are a multitude of tutorials on the web on how to make an infinity dress and the instructions are pretty standard whether you are making for kids or adults.

When I made mine, Anjali spent about half an hour before I went to bed, trying out different styles for me. And she was very excited when I made hers too.

I made all three of the inifnity dresses by tearing up my sarees. The infinity dress is supposed to be made out of a stretchy fabric in all the instructions, but the saree, with its drapable nature, lends itself well to the infinity idea. Only the waistband/ bandeau, needs to be stretchable. For this, I mostly used the tutorial here
As I did for mine, i put a tube top for hers. There were a couple of darts to tighten hers up, but I believe I will make an elastic casing to secure the top over her chest
Here is Sophia modelling the many ways to wear the infinity dress
Both girls wore the dress out
To the sand pit
One more style - sleeveless


  1. What a versatile dress, perfect for every outdoor occasion!

  2. wow... super cute.. How clever!! :) Thanks for linking into the weekly story.. :)


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