Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Art techniques: markers and water and doodles

 This was on the Mary Ann Kohl book on making art with anything. Simple, draw with markers, use a cotton to swipe on top and you get a nice blended effect.

I invited the girls to try it out and they began to draw. However, we didnt make any real progress until we began to doodle.

 The we just enjoyed watching the colors spread
 Beautiful isnt it?
 At some stage, i got out an old giant poster and taped it to the floor.
 Then we began to doodle Mandalas
 The water technique didnt work with the poster because of its glossy surface
 But once we had dabbed of the water, some interesting patterns were observed
 Here is Anjali's Mandala
 And Sophia's footprints
 And Anjali's
 Coloring the footprints were also fun

 Sophia took a break to read
 And then came back for microscopic work
 Anjali;s feet after coloring

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