Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Invitation to Play: Playdough and french fries

Ok Ok. this is the most lazy invitation to play that i have set up in my entire mothering career.

And this is the stroy behind it.

The girls had discovered that you can peel the sides of the dried leaves and you are left with the central vein. They have been scouring the area around the playground for dried leaves and scouring them for pretty much the whole day, resulting in a whole bunch of "french fries"that they have proudly displayed on the nature table.

Aside from sweeping out the dried leaf debris that litters the living room/ lift lobby after this activity and putting it in the compost pile, I decided to leave these sticks this morning along with the playdough from last thursday's binge to see how they explore. More later...


  1. Love the little playdough balls!

  2. It is still a cute invitation to play! ...just stopping by from True Aim's link party.

  3. So funny that they were so excited to take apart the leaves. I love to watch children explore! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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