Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beginning to Batik: Husband's shirts


 Husband's old shirt (white)
White glue
Some kind of frame: The Mandala was done on an embroidery hoop, but for the kids, I did both the Krishnas taped to a milk carton whose top had been cut off
Coloring stuff: At first, we used water, foodcoloring and vinegar. But then I realized that normal water colors will do fine as well

What to do:

Draw design on paper


 Cover pencil lines with glue

Mount on some kind of frame. This is important because the water color is quite -well- watery and will go on the other side of the glue through the floor as it spreads.

Give to kids to have a field day.
Anjali did the Mandala yesterday but unfortunately I didnt get photos.

Update: Here is the photo of the Mandala that Anjali batiked. Mostly done with water colors

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