Monday, September 10, 2012

And yes, i got hoodwinked into making two

Sometimeago, I wrote about the mermaid costume that I had made for Anjali to be added to the costume cupboard. I didnt quite add a couple of rather obvious problems with that, more specifically, with the "mermaid bra", as the kids like to call it.

The old seashell bra was too small, and showed way too much skin. Not that it is a problem for inhouse costume play, but I thought that the kids would appreciate a not so revealing top. The other thing was that Sophia threw the motherof all tantrums when Anjali had a mermaid outfit, since she also wanted one. I quietened her somewhat, by saying how I have made the long white skirt and the pillowcase dress for her first, and how Anjali also needs a turn at having a beautiful costume.

But by the time I had finished the mermaid costume, I was a bit tired of sewing and wanted to give it some rest. Besides, I was occupied with some of the other activities for the girls.

Once in a while, Sophia would suddenly ask me"Mummy, can you make me a mermaid costume?" And I would nod and change the subject.

But on Sunday morning, Sophia woke up to this.

And since evidently, the previous mermaid bra was rather inadequate, Anjali had this

Well, Anjali was still asleep, and Sophia insisted on wearing hersand posing for photos
And when Anjali woke up, she changed too. See how nice the bra is? I am rather proud of myself in its design
They wore it all morning during play time
And for the Christofori concert at West Mall
Pretty arent they?


  1. You stitched this mermaid costume? It's unbelievable. So lovely and perfect.

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    1. Hi Disha,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I did stitch it and it came out surprisingly well for something that was handsticthed.

  2. Oh my gosh.. Those are the cutest mermaids ever!! How stunning.. And to think you made this.. WOW

    Thank you for joining the Made with Love ~ Sept *smiles*

    Hope to see you joining in with more ‘me time’ in Oct…


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