Friday, September 7, 2012

A feast and more knitting

This is what the girls had prepared, after four hours of work. Sophia explained it to me when i returned from work
Flower cake, flower cookie, smiley face pancakes, pizza, brocolli, pear mock chicket, swirling candy, birthday cake, carrot noodles, toamto and beetroot noodles, lollipop, egg, french fries, chocolate sandwich with honey and carrot heart on top. Swiss role, etc. Anything that was colored strangely was also explained - the broccoli was coated in strawberry, the pear was coated in blue berry.

Hurrah for home made playdough.

I have also been making a substitute for my fingers. A new knitting tool for Anjali to do and stop as she wants.

And finally, a display case for the various 3D crafts that cant go on the wall. Ofcourse, I realize that there is limtited space and the display case has to grow, but give me credit, I had something like five minutes to set it up.  

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