Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Connections and gratitude

We have an amazing neighbor. I know, I know. I have often complained htta they come upstairs and complain about us making a lot of noise by jumping, but they have been very polite about the whole noise making episode.

I had a bad experience yesterday at the playground with a very rude man, and this made me realize that we were very lucky with our neighbours. We had mentioned to him a couple of weeks ago that he was smoking and that the cigarette could be smelt in the playroom (this was a particular problem since patti and thattha were staying over for a week due to the Coat's disease surgery)

Since then we have not caught a whiff of cigarette in our home.

I proposed to the girls that, this being National day and everything, we bake some raisin cookies as a gift to the neighbours, to thank them for stopping smoking. They have agreed and operation baking cooking starts this evening. Will let you know how it goes

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