Monday, July 30, 2012

New planters at home

We are sprouting stuff in the kitchen - lettuce and sweet potatoes. None of them are sprouting yet. husband reckons that I should just dump the sweet potatoes in the earth and leave it at that.

The tub of water beads was getting rather dirty, and you know that a sensory tub has reached the end of its life when the beads in it spend more time dry than wet. So we dismantled it and the girls helped me to fill up an old plastic bottle with water beads to make a planter for the bed room. Anjali helped me after that to wash the tub spik and span

The avocado seed that husband planted a few weeks ago sprouted when we were away in Australis. it has a nice handful of leaves now.

Another window planter with a little plant that i swiped off a colleague at work

The Ganesha garden.

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