Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Invitation to play this morning

.. And this afternoon.

After a load of wierd, faied attempts, I finally made a usable cardboard easel.

The trick is finding sturdy enough cardboard.  naturally, the milk carton cardboard is too flimsy. The one I tried to build using toilet paper rolls collapsed before I could get anything on it and it used up way too much masking tape. Even paper maching didnt help to make nit sturdy. Husband was trying very hard not to laugh at my many attempts to hold it together, and I could almost hear his sigh of relief as I finally decided to throw it away.

So here is the latest attempt and it is actually functional.

I used the boxes in which the roller blades came. It helped because husband spent most of last weekend clearing up the store room and so for a change we actually know what is in there and where it is. So, when saw these in the store room, forgotten after multiple months, I had to jump and use them for the easel project, which i have been wanting to make for years.

 And as they took only fifteen minutes to make, i had to make two.
 And here we are - a mostly recycled painting studio. I may try to take it downstairs for some tree painting or something this evening. Its rather cool

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