Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Popper

 Well, we have caught the bug atlast. Its a nice cycle, because it has been only a few months since I have lost the Harry Potter bug. I used to constantly listen to the audio books while working though they were beginning to bore me to no end - having listened to them atleast ten times.  Give me any random dialogue from any of the  books and I would tell you straight away who said the words and when.

We picked up Sorceror's stone because we were in patti's house and didnt have anything to read besides the kid's books and sorceror's stone just happened to be on the kindle. The book has been following us around - through all the doctor visits, a week of bed time and the time Anjali has to keep her eyes closed during the drop administrations.

I am really surprised that Anjali can follow the book so well. We have tested her - I cant read in taxis and god knows I am going through enough taxi rides right now. So we have harry potter quizzes. She pays attention to details and answers questions like "How many poresents Dudley had for this birthday" and "How many of Charlie's friends came to pick up Norbert?". A more exceptional answer was  to "What did Vernon Dursley buy from the shop for lunch?"

The answer, readers, is not a bun. It is a doughnut.

We are almost done with Philosopher's stone, halfway through the last chapter. Anjali has asked me to take Chamber of secrets on the kindle (I dont have a copy of the book at home). I think I should be able to read to her till goblet of fire if she is interested. Let's face it, the four books will take be about an year to get through.

Sophia keeps asking me to read the chapter with the troll and she collapses into giggles each time I read it.

We get kids jumping on the bed all the time and calling each other

"pea brain! pea brain!"

I suppose its part of growing up.

Well... I am not a big fan of the movies, but that gives me an excuse to take the girls to the museum.

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