Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY paint with water

Since Anjali pretty much loves the paint with water set that we bought for her at the west mall, I have been looking for ways to make paint with water kits for the girls.

One of our first attempts, was to cover a picture with tissue and watch the tissue get transparent when wet. It worked, but the tissue got torn as well. So we tried the same, but with some translucent cloth. Sophia had some sling - bandage kind cloth from her fracture which we cut up instead. It worked better, but the pictures needed a lot of water. After converting about ten or so flashcards to paint with water kits, I ran out of bandage cloth and Sophia says

"I will break my hand many times and you will have lots of cloth"

Like we dont have enough doctor visits.

Then, I saw this on one of the websites. Use water color pencils on coloring paper and paint over them with water. I colored a few on Saturday morning and Anjali did them while sitting at the back of Shloka class. I find it a very good quiet activity. Then yesterday evening she went over a few more, this time, combining the water color pencils herself.

I have misplaced the brush that came with the color with water kit. So, now the girls do this with normal paint brushes. Its a great, relatively mess free activity for the forthcoming doctor visits.

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