Monday, July 2, 2012


Its fun to see the kind of conversations that evolve between Anjali and Sophia when there is very little adult interference. One of them went like this

We were walking to the library and Anjali was chasing the birds and roaringg at them.

Sophia: Anjali, dont chase the birds. If you chase the bords, all the bird will fly away and there will be no more birds

(Sophia is very sensitive in tyat way, she would pick up random pieces  of rubbish on the floor and insist that we throw them in the dustbin. It is a very honorable idea, but I cringe at the thought of my kid touching litter with her bare hands. The obvious solution is to stick a plastic bag in my hand bag that the kids can wear around their palms when picking up litter but I havent gotten around to doing it yet. )

Anjali ignores Sophia and dcontinues chasing the birds

Sophia: Mummy, can you tell Anjali to please stop chasing the birds. The birds will all fly away and therewill be no more birds

Anjali: I have been chasing birds since I was small, but the birds are still there.

Sophia: Anjali. One day (finger raised)... you just see... one day there will be no more birds.

My little spirit of delphi

Speakign of the spirit of delphi, the girls are in full greek mythology mode. They have done some stories when young - perseus and medusa, theseus and the minotaur, stuff like that, and ofcourse they have watched the totally inaccurate hercules. But husband found an introduction to greek mythology for the kids in the library and we had a great time with it.

We are now reading a kids' version of the odyssey - a beautifully illustrated barefoot book. However, it is mighty scary for the children.

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