Thursday, July 12, 2012


We were at the garden festival where they had some Batik for the children to do.I was happy that both girls put in a lot of meticulous effort into their batik work. Anjali took into careful consideration the colors that she needed and although they had made an initial agreement to duplicate each other's work, at some time Sophia said

"Please let me do my own thing Anjali", said Sophia, after her first attempt at following Anjali's work resulted in over flow of paint and she had thrown her first tantrum.

I patched up her first painting and got her a second one.

The girls experimented with color mixing, they didnt want to do just their painting with the colors in the tub, they wanted to mix colors to create new shared of greens and blues and oranges and purples.
Batik is a beautiful art form. I remember the soothing effect it had when I was doing it in school. When we were in Yogyakarta, I tried to find a place to buy batik supplies, but it didnt work out for various reasons. But it appears that a batik painting kit itself is difficult to find in Singapore.

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